We are very happy to meet you. Teaching English for a specific purpose (ESP) can be a challenging task. However, with your patience and guidance, attendees will become confident and competent speakers!

Before you start teaching, it would be better to learn about the hotel, tourism, and foodservice industry (for sure, unless you haven’t worked in these industries before).

Do not worry! We will assist you with this. However, we expect you to provide training to the teams that will be assigned to you in the future, in an area they know very well. (It’s what they do every single day. But in their language.) So before becoming a tutor at TourEnglish, it would be great if you were familiar with the terminology.

For this, we will use our book called “Practical English for Foodservice Professionals”, which also guides our training content. That is, you will first learn from this book and then transfer what you have learned to your students by combining them with your excellent command and knowledge in ESP teaching.

So, if you’re ready, let’s get started!